What to do in Lanzarote.

Lanzarote is the ideal holiday destination with year round good weather, fascinating attractions like the volcanic national park and the caves and great sports facilities and amazing water sports, relax on the beach, go hiking - there is something for everyone!

We have a passion for Lanzarote! With our international team we have a vast and varying experience and we are here to help you with any questions that you have. 

Lanzarote is a wonderful island with a unique landscape which invites you to hike around the island, with cristaline waters perfect for any water sport and even after living on the island for all your life there are still hidden corners and spots to be explored!

This is a selection of our top five attractions on the island:

- TIMANFAYA: The Timanfaya National Park and The Fire Mountains are in the west central area of the island, where volcanic remains cover an area of 200 kilometres. The last eruption was in 1736

- THE PIRATE MUSEUM: It is located on top of a hill at Castillo de Santa Bárbara, Teguise, in the center of the island.

- MIRADOR DEL RÍO: A magnificent viewpoint designed by the artist and architect Cesar Manrique. Offers beautiful views of La Graciosa, the small island located north of Lanzarote.

- THE WATER JAMEOS AND THE CAVE OF THE GREEN: Natural caves created by lava during the eruptions. They are located in the northeast of the island

- THE GARDENS OF CACTUS: Among the peoples Guatiza and Mala, on the east coast.

- CASTILLO DE SAN JOSÉ: This old front in the Puerto de Arrecife is home to the Museum of Contemporary Art.

- THE CESAR MANRIQUE FOUNDATION: The magnificent house of this well-known artist, much loved by the people of Lanzarote, hosts their private collection of picture. It is located in Tahiche.

- THE TANIT ETHNOGRAPHIC MUSEUM: In San Bartolomé, in the center of the island, hosts a fascinating collection of local artifacts. Everything from ropes to plows. The owners, whose ancestors came to the island from Madrid in the 18th century, they still live there.

- THE MUSEUM OF AGRICULTURE “EL PATIO”: in Tiagua, central Lanzarote.

- THE AIRPORT MUSEUM: Inside the perimeter of the airport in Arrecife.

- THE WINES OF LA GERIA: The wine region of La Geria has a large number of vineyards and wineries that are can visit.

- LAGOMAR MUSEUM: Museum and restaurant in the former home of Omar Sharif.

- MUSEUM OF DOLPHINS AND WHALES: In Port Calero on the southeast coast.

- THE TEGUISE MARKET: Every Sunday, from 9AM to 2PM, this famous market sells everything kinds of things, from local products and art, to clothes, shoes, soccer jerseys, costume jewelery, objects original ...